13. april 2021

Tally Agreement

iv. For the purposes of after-sales service, technical assistance, customer interaction and marketing services or third-party products with which we have (now or in the future) agreements or agreements allowing such marketing, we may and/or these third parties send you regularly messages of information, advertising, marketing or advertising by email, email or any other means. We may share your account information or contact information with these parties. If you subscribe to a paid Tally Street app, you can “cancel” receiving these messages or exchanging information by sending an email to that would unsubscribe and indicate which messages you want to unsubscribe to. You acknowledge that the opt-out does not make you aware of updates and improvements; However, we can continue to send technical messages. If you subscribe to a free Tally Street app, you agree to receive the messages described in this subsection, as we provide the services you subscribe to and you may not unsubscribe. You agree that we may use you or your company or association names and logo in sales presentations, promotional materials, press releases and similar marketing or advertising vehicles, and you waive and publish all claims based on such use. 1. parts. The parties to this subscription agreement (this “agreement”) are you and the owner of the and Applications website, Tally Street, Inc., a Delaware company (“Tally Street”). If you are not acting on behalf of your person as a person, then “you,” “your” and “yourself” means your business or your organization or the person you represent, and you will ensure and guarantee in Tally Street that you have the authority and consent to act and hire it for that company, organization or person.

All references to “we,” “we,” “our,” “this site” or “this site” should be interpreted to mean Tally Street properties. Customer data is any financial or non-financial data or any other information of any kind or nature, whether it provides us or that we take for the provision of software or services or the use of that software or services in accordance with the agreement (the “customer data”). Content should be broadly defined as any other information, data, experiences, reports, results or products of interaction between you and the Tally Street website and applications that are not covered by the definitions of the website or its services, software or customer data. Unless prohibited by applicable law, these conditions provide that all disputes between you and us will be settled by binding arbitration and not in a state or federal court (with the exception of claims that you can make in a small claims court). Please read the dispute resolution and arbitration section below for details of your agreement to settle disputes with Tally. The software is made available “as we will see” without any guarantee. All explicit, implicit or legal conditions, assurances and guarantees, including, but not limited, to any tacit guarantee or condition of market accessibility, suitability for a specific purpose, non-counterfeiting, satisfactory quality or transaction, law, use or commercial practice, are thus excluded in the greatest possible legality. Neither tally nor its licensees are responsible for your action or for your non-compliance with the information provided under the software. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your network and computer systems. Neither licensees ensure, guarantee or guarantee that (a) security threats, malicious codes and/or vulnerabilities will be identified, or (b) the content of your network and systems is protected from malicious code, a vulnerability, an attempted invasion or other security breaches; (c) any security vulnerability on any system or application tested or (d) does not give false positive results.