12. april 2021

Sample Series Llc Operating Agreement

In addition, the tax treatment of U.S. states for individual series is not safe. The Delaware LLC series is similar to that of “separate holding companies” used in other countries, such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and any other country that is not subject to U.S. jurisdiction. There is no need to change the Delaware Training Certificate if protected series are added or members are changed. If a training certificate designates the series protected by name (optional), the training certificate should only be changed in this case if the series are added and deleted by a certificate of modification. CONSIDERING that the parties intend to ensure that each property acquired by the Company is a separate series from the members of the company and that the debts, commitments and commitments incurred with respect to a number of companies exist for or by other means, are applicable only against the assets in this series and are not applicable to the assets of the company in general or to any other set of those assets. , and none of the liabilities, liabilities, liabilities and expenses incurred with respect to the company in general or any other set of these liabilities, or other liabilities, are against the assets in this series; and “member”: (i) MEMBER ONE and MEMBER TWO, as a member of the company, who are not affiliated with any series; (ii) MEMBER ONE and MEMBER TWO, each in his capacity as a member of the company associated with a series (as such a series may be established from time to time in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement) and (iii) persons subsequently admitted as members of the company under this Agreement. Members of the company are members of the company at any time until the company is dissolved, dissolved and terminated in accordance with the law and this Agreement, regardless of whether or not there may be a series at any given time. After admission as a member of the company, this member, unless otherwise stated in a separate serial agreement, is also considered a member of each series as a member of each series and holds the same percentage of those series as he holds in the company.

After admission as a member of a separate serial agreement, that member, unless otherwise stated, is not considered a member of the company and other series as licensed and does not hold the same percentages of interests in the company and in the other series it holds in such a separate serial agreement.