20. december 2020

What Is An Interstate Compact Agreement

For example, an intergovernmental authority called the National Capital Region Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Tunnel Authority was created under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and the Compact Tunnel, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, to take over the ownership and operation of the bridge by the federal government. [58] The pact provides that the agency is governed by a thirteen-member body, four of which are appointed by each state and one member is appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. For voting purposes, seven members of this Board of Directors form a quorum, with the exception of eight votes for the issuance of bonds by the Agency and the approval of the Authority`s annual budget; For matters exclusively within the jurisdiction of one of the parties, two of its designated members must vote in favour of approval; and “single source” purchases of more than $100,000 in real estate, services or construction must be submitted for prior approval by the majority of board members. [59] As a treaty, an intergovernmental pact primarily concerns the rights and obligations of states that have chosen to become contracting parties and their respective citizens, since the pact is promulgated by their respective legislators. However, some compacts go so far as to target the effect (if any) of this pact on states that are not contracting parties. A pact may contain provisions that stipulate that the pact does not affect other agreements that the parties may enter into with non-partisan states. [26] Alternatively, a pact can define how non-compressant states can participate in pact-related activities. [27] For example, the Interstate Pest Control Compact (which is no longer in force) provided that the pact`s board of directors or its executive committee could not spend funds from an insurance fund created by the pact in a non-condensed state, unless it was justified by the conditions in that state and the benefits to the contracting states of the Covenant. , and that it cannot impose conditions for such expenditures. [28] Das rechtliche Umfeld f-r Compacts beinhaltet eine Verschmelzung von Compact-Texten und Rechtsprechung von Bundes- und Landesgerichten in ganzen Land.