19. december 2020

Ubuntu How To Accept License Agreement

My question is: how do I accept the Teamviewer license agreement from /under the console at the first launch? In TeamViewer 10, there is an option license that allows you to accept the CAU. ubuntu-restricted-extras is a meta-package that exists only to install other packages. Well, I`m trying to install compizconfigure settings via terminal and it worked well, but it`s still in the installation process, now there`s an agreement that showed where you can scroll down, but is there a special button that I have to press to keep going? I didn`t enter anything, to be honest, I`ll be waiting for a reply aSAP! In the meantime, I leave the installation on until someone can fix it for me. For some reason, my terminal will not allow me to accept, or for some reason, I press the wrong hot-key … I tried every letter on the keyboard and entered… I am sure there is a very simple and obvious solution. How do I write dockers that can be given to the invitation to the licensing agreement? Look for the command line solution to accept the license agreement. After a recent update, ttf-mscorefonts-install asked me to accept the license agreement. I have to accept the order line agreement before building the project. The Q key must press to go to the end of the chord page, then press Y or y. I`ve tried when a screen like this comes, not just to accept licensing contracts, you can use the Tabulation key to navigate between the different options and the space bar to make a selection. If you decide that you don`t want these fonts at all (or aren`t willing to accept the CLA for them), but you want the other packages provided by ubuntu-restricted-extras, then delete ttf-mscorefonts-install and make sure you have the other packages and that they are installed manually (so they don`t disappear into an author file after deleting ubuntu-restricted-extras with ttf-mscorefonts-install): You can accept the license with a single command like this: But I didn`t succeed because it has to accept the license agreement at the first start-up.

So I try to start with -X-touch via SSH, but this window with accepting the license agreement key doesn`t appear! Only if the license is not accepted does the error message window appear.