9. december 2020

General Conditions For Contribution Agreements

The Department reserves the right to apply to the Organization any sum owed by Her Majesty`s Organization. This section does not limit the right of delay granted by the Act, a provision of the Agreement or other agreements between Her Majesty and the Organization. “eligible costs” -the costs incurred and paid adequately and regularly by the organization, end beneficiaries and local partners, or in-kind contributions that were made in connection with the activities listed in the project description – Appendix A, as indicated in the project budget – Appendix C and in accordance with the principles set out in Article 1 of the Financial Conditions – Appendix B. In order to improve the implementation of the projects, the Department will be able, after the signing of the Agreement, to build capacity for financial management activities for the project beneficiary. The objective of these activities is to verify the terms of the agreement with the Organization and to ensure that the financial management of the project can be implemented effectively by the organization and in accordance with the requirements of the agreement. The Organization undertakes to authorize the activities and to make available to authorized representatives of the Division, at no cost, the facilities, personnel and all the necessary information for the purposes of the activities. “In-child contribution” (contribution in kind) refers to a contribution of material, goods, services or time that can be attributed to a dollar value, which would otherwise be purchased and paid for by the organization to obtain the results of the project. These costs must be eligible under the agreement and must be accounted for at a fair value agreed by the Department. “Support documentation” (support documents) – is not limited to: original cheques, invoices, bank statements, receipts, contracts, leases and tables of working time or other data proving the actual cost of the organization.

The term also includes cancelled cheques, bank projects and other forms of data in support of payments. “Volunteers” – persons who are not paid by the organization, whose services are essential to the achievement of the project results and who are eligible in accordance with the general conditions of the programme and who would otherwise be recruited/paid by contract. “sub-convention” – the agreement signed between the organization and a final beneficiary or local partner. “Arm`s length relationship” refers to a relationship in which the organization entered into a contract with a subcontractor during the implementation of the project, in which the organization and the subcontractor are independent of each other and are not controlled by the same person or group of people.