2. december 2020

Agreement To End A War

“Personally, I have made a very tough decision for myself and for all of us,” Pachinjan said in a statement posted online, in which he called the terms of the armistice “incredibly painful for me and our people.” In a video address, Aliyev mocked Pachinjan and said he had signed the agreement because of his “iron fist.” “Women are needed in peace agreements and play an important role in peace and peace processes,” she said. “Building a peace regime requires the signing of a peace agreement. This can greatly promote the security not only of the two Koreas, but also of the neighboring United States, Russia and ultimately play a role in bringing peace to the world,” Cheong said. “It must be understood that the peace agreement itself is the common goal that the parties concerned should pursue. This means that citizens who aspire to peace should take over. Osama Bin Javaid of Al Jazeera reported in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, that news of the agreement had brought people to the streets to celebrate, despite a curfew. The agreement provides for the reduction of some areas on the outskirts of the Nagorno-Karabakh region, while Azerbaijan will halt its advance towards Stepanakert, he added. Churches and people are seeking a new era through a peace agreement that is campaigning not only in Korea, but also in the United States and other neighboring countries. Citizens around the world have also sent their support and pledged their solidarity in this struggle. They believe that the Korean people deserve an end to years of excessive violence and distress and an end to the never-ending war. He said the agreement was “the best possible solution to the current situation.” A peace treaty is an agreement between two or more enemy parties, usually countries or governments, that officially ends a state of war between the parties.

[1] It is different from a ceasefire which is an agreement to stop hostilities; a capitulation in which an army declares itself ready to give up arms; either a ceasefire or a ceasefire in which the parties can agree to temporarily or permanently cease fighting. The art of negotiating a peace treaty in modern times has been described by the lawyer Christine Bell as a lex pacificatoria[2] with a peace treaty that potentially contributes to the legal framework of post-conflict or post-bellum juice. [3] The agreement was born out of America`s determination to bring the troops home and the recognition, at least by some Taliban, that the talks are the best way to return to Kabul.