2. december 2020

Agreement Plan Involved With Centralized Buyers That Decide What

After-sales service is the provision of services to customers before, during and after purchase. Customer support refers to a number of services, including customer support, in order to make profitable product decisions and make the most of their purchases. The process includes helping to design, install, train, troubleshoot, maintain, modernize and dispose of a product. In the technology sector, where people buy mobile phones, televisions, computers, software or other electronic or mechanical goods, customer service is called technical assistance. Looking at different buying situations as marketing, one of the first questions is whether the goods are made available to customers (B2C mass marketing) or other companies (B2B focused). Selling to companies generally requires a significantly different marketing approach, including differences in the buying situation. The after-sales service can be provided by a person. B, for example, a sales and service agent, or by automatism. An advantage with automated means is an increased ability to offer a 24-hour service that can personally complement customer service. Another example of automated customer service is the sound touch phone, which typically includes a main menu and the use of the keyboard as options, such as “Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish.” The importance of after-sales service varies depending on the product, industry and customer. Retail businesses, for example, often have an office or counter dealing with returns, exchanges and claims, or will take on the corresponding functions at the point of sale; the perceived success of such interactions depends on the staff who can adapt to the personality of the guest.

From a distribution process perspective, customer service plays an important role in an organization`s ability to generate revenue and revenue. From this perspective, customer service should be integrated as part of a comprehensive approach to systematic improvement; The customer service experience can change a customer`s perception of the organization. Purchasing policies and procedures vary depending on the ownership and size of the organization. In health facilities and large school districts, centralized purchases of all materials and supplies, including food, are made by a department. In most cases, the bill is double or triple: you keep the original and the collector keeps the other copy or copy. After signing, you have freed the distribution company from its responsibilities and the deliveries are now owned by your company. They can therefore be held responsible for any discrepancies between what is on the invoice and what has been delivered. It is a good practice to bring inconsistencies or errors to the driver`s knowledge and to make the driver acknowledge the error by signing the invoice. If a credit is issued, it must also be marked by the driver on the bill. Table 10.4 Inventory registration data, how much of this item the company receives, exhausted (excluding) and total balance.

The second part of the first part (left) of the painting. This part is displayed under the first part of the table and shows the date of the registered stock, as well as the number of items the company has received, sold out (out of stock) and total balance.